Summer School

After much discussion and deliberation centered around the safety of our students, it has been determined that Cheshire’s Elementary Enrichment Summer Program and Special Education Extended School Year (ESY) will not be held in our buildings this summer . While we all wish we could offer the program, many factors had to be considered in making this decision.

  • Concern over whether students can wear a mask for a sufficient duration of time;
  • Maintaining social distancing requirements; 
  • Sustained adequate supplies of hand sanitizer, PPE, and required cleaning supplies.
  • The unknown impact of Phase 1 state reopening on community spread of COVID-19 will not be known for 2-4 weeks at best.
  • The absence of testing procedures, protocols and supplies to assist in detecting the presence or COVID-19 among students/clients and staff.
  • Some of our students may reside with others who are at high risk if they acquire COVID-19.
  • Food/drink restrictions

Special Education Extended School Year services will be provided remotely. Parents of students who are eligible for ESY services will receive additional information concerning their students remote learning plan.

We look forward to seeing you next summer.

Robin-Anne Carey
Director of Summer School
203-272-0335, ext. 14074