Sheila Adams, Aquatics Director     sadams@cheshirect.org

Allison Allen, Library, Head of Children's Services     aallen@cheshirect.org

Michelle Anastasio, Building, Secretary     mianastasio@cheshirect.org

Michael Aquilino, Police Officer    maquilino@cheshirect.org

Kirsten Augliera, Revenue Clerk     kaugliera@cheshirect.org

Vincienzo Balcastro, Police Sergeant    vbalcastro@cheshirect.org

Bill Basel, Library, Head of Reference Services     bbasel@cheshirelibrary.org

Tracey Benson, Police, Records Secretary     tbenson@cheshirect.org

Lauren Blackwell, Youth Program Supervisor     lblackwell@cheshirect.org

Daniel Bombero,  Capital Projects Manager   dbombero@cheshirect.org

Dennis Boucher, Police Officer     dboucher@cheshirect.org

Francine Bowman, Assessment Technician    fbowman@cheshirect.org

Laura Brennan, Town Clerk     lbrennan@cheshirect.org

Michael Caffrey, Engineering Technician     mcaffrey@cheshirect.org

Gregory Caldwell, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Electrician     gcaldwell@cheshirect.org

Mary Beth Caprio, Public Works, Secretary     mcaprio@cheshirect.org

Jack Casner, Fire Chief     jcasner@cheshirect.org

Sharon Churma, Assistant to Director of Finance     schurma@cheshirect.org

Eileen Colwell, Senior & Transportation Services, Dispatcher     ecolwell@cheshirect.org

Alexander Conrod, Assistant Animal Control Officer     aconrod@cheshirect.org 

Beth Crowley, Library Director     browley@cheshirelibrary.org

Mark Cunningham, Highway Superintendent     mcunningham@cheshirect.org

Conrad Cyr, Assistant Building Official    ccyr@cheshirect.org

Anthony D'Aquila, Electrical Inspector     adaquila@cheshirect.org

Keith Darin, Building Official    kdarin@cheshirect.org

Ethan Deal, Pool Coordinator     edeal@cheshirect.org

Samuel DeCapua,  Police Officer    sdecapua@cheshirect.org

Gina DeFilio, Deputy Finance Director   gdefilio@cheshirect.org

William Donlin, Collector of Revenue     wdonlin@cheshirect.org

Neil Dryfe, Police Chief     ndryfe@cheshirect.org

Stephanie Dunn, Assistant to the Director of Parks & Recreation     sdunn@cheshirect.org

Michael Durkee, Police Lieutenant     mdurkee@cheshirect.org

Cindy Finkle, Community Pool, Head Desk Attendant     cfinkle@cheshirect.org

Kathy Forenza, Parks & Recreation, Secretary     kforenza@cheshirect.org

Cara Fortier, Police Sergeant     cwalsh@cheshirect.org  

John Gawlak, Recreation Director     jgawlak@cheshirect.org

Joseph Giampietro, Police Officer     jgiampietro@cheshirect.org

Karen Gill, Fire Department, Administrative Assistant     kgill@cheshirect.org

Jared Goldman, Library, Technology Coordinator     jagoldman@cheshirelibrary.org

Laura Gravel, Senior Services Program Supervisor    lgravel@cheshirect.org

Nick Halkias, Senior Services Transportation Driver     nhalkias@cheshirect.org 

Noureen Hakim, Library, Senior Librarian     nhakim@cheshirelibrary.org

Scott Hallier, Waste Water Treatment Plant , Superintendent shallier@cheshirect.org

Ann Marie Hearn, Public Works, Secretary     amhearn@cheshirect.org

Sandra Hernandez, Library, Head of Circulation/Tech Svcs shernandez@cheshirelibrary.org

Diane Hodgkins, Revenue Clerk     dhodgkins@cheshirect.org

Sharon Imbert, Police Dispatcher     simbert@cheshirect.org

James Jaskot, Finance Director     jjaskot@cheshirect.org

Steven Jester, Police Sergeant     sjester@cheshirect.org

Kristian Johnson, Police Officer     kejohnson@cheshirect.org

Fred Jortner, Deputy Police Chief     fjortner@cheshirect.org

Kathy Kazalunas, Police Records, Secretary     kkazalunas@cheshirect.org

Nicole Kelleher, Artsplace, Clerk     nikelleher@cheshirect.org

Sean M. Kimball, Town Manager     townmanager@cheshirect.org

Patti King, Deputy Town Clerk    pking@cheshirect.org

Michael Kozlowski, Fire Marshal     mkozlowski@cheshirect.org

Tracey Kozlowski, Senior Services, Administrative Assistant  trkozlowski@cheshirect.org 

John LaRose, Police Dispatcher     jlarose@cheshirect.org

Hope Larson, Budget/Treasury Analyst     hlarson@cheshirect.org

Pamela Lavallee, Accounting Associate     plavallee@cheshirect.org

Bonnie LaVigna, Planning, Clerk Typist     blavigna@cheshirect.org

April Leiler, Animal Control Officer     aleiler@cheshirect.org

Amy Leonard, Assistant Town Clerk     aleonard@cheshirect.org

Esteven Lespier, Police Officer     elespier@cheshirect.org

Ivana LewisPayroll/Benefits Coordinator     ilewis@cheshirect.org

David Maliar, Jr., Police Officer    dmaliar@cheshirect.org

Elizabeth Mayne, Recreation, Program Supervisor     emayne@cheshirect.org

Joseph Mazzini, Dispatcher  jmazzini@cheshirect.org

Anne McBain, Assistant to Director of Public Works     amcbain@cheshirect.org

Christine McCardle, Interim Assessor     cmccardle@cheshirect.org

Joshua McClelland, Police Officer    jmcclelland@cheshirect.org

Jeffrey Munro, Elections, Deputy Registrar    jmunro@cheshirect.org

Sarah Nankin, Elections, Deputy Registrar    snankin@cheshirect.org

Kerry Nastri, Police Detective     knastri@cheshirect.org

Vincent Nastri, Police Officer    vnastri@cheshirect.org

George Noewatne, Director of Public Works and Engineering  gnoewatne@cheshirect.org

Don Nolte, Engineering Operations Manager     rdnolte@cheshirect.org

Kevin O'Donnell, Police Sergeant     kevodonnell@cheshirect.org

Donna Ouellet, Deputy Treasurer     douellet@cheshirect.org

Vicki Pagan, Youth & Family Counselor     vpagan@cheshirect.org

Sue Pappas, Republican Registrar of Voters     spappas@cheshirect.org

Jocelyn Patrignelli, Planning, Administrative Assistant     jpatrignelli@cheshirect.org

Jeffrey Pechmann, Police Dispatcher     jpechmann@cheshirect.org

Michelle Piccerillo, Director of Human Services     mpiccerillo@cheshirect.org

Karen Piedescalzo, Artsplace, Clerk Typist     kpiedescalzo@cheshirect.org

Joan Pilarczyk, Artsplace, Director     jpilarczyk@cheshirect.org

Nathan Poirier, Community Pool, Head Lifeguard     npoirier@cheshirect.org

Dean Rizzo, Community Pool, Facility Technician     drizzo@cheshirect.org

Melanie Roberts, Town Manager's Office, Administrative Assistant   mroberts@cheshirect.org

Jose Rocha, Police Officer    jrocha@cheshirect.org

Deb Rutter, Library, Deputy Director     drutter@cheshirect.org

Pat Samselski, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Clerk Typist     psamselski@cheshirect.org

Kristen Schechter, Human & Senior Services Social Worker & Crisis Intervention     kschechter@cheshirect.org

Brian Schechter, Police Sergeant     bschechter@cheshirect.org

Lisa Selmquist, Secretary, Planning & Zoning     lselmquist@cheshirect.org 

Suzanne Simone, Environmental Planner     ssimone@cheshirect.org

Jerry Sitko, Economic Development Coordinator     jsitko@cheshirect.org

Stephen Skibicki, Youth Services, Program Coordinator     sskibicki@cheshirect.org

Tom Smith, Democratic Registrar of Voters  tsmith@cheshirect.org

Cheryl Stenson, Library, Administrative Assistant     cstenson@cheshirect.org

Michael Strollo, Zoning Enforcement Officer/Wetlands Agent     mstrollo@cheshirect.org

Jeffrey Sutherland, Police Lieutenant   jsutherland@cheshirect.org

Arnett Talbot, Assistant Town Manager for Administration/Public Information Officer     atalbot@cheshirect.org

Mary Thompson-Kelly, Human Services, Secretary  mthompsonkelly@cheshirect.org

Stefanie Theroux,  Coordinator of Senior Services       stheroux@cheshirect.org

Donna Tiriolo, Assistant Collector of Revenue    dtiriolo@cheshirect.org

Eric Tracy, Police Detective     etracy@cheshirect.org

William Voelker, Town Planner     wvoelker@cheshirect.org

Barbara Wallace, Police Records, Secretary     bzwallace@cheshirect.org

Kim Wantroba, Accountant/Payables Coordinator     kwantroba@cheshirect.org

Jessica Wassil, Police Officer    jwassil@cheshirect.org

Monica Watterworth, Executive Assistant to the Police Chief   mwatterworth@cheshirect.org

Lorin Webber, Police Officer     lwebber@cheshirect.org

Timothy Weed, Recreation, Program Coordinator     tweed@cheshirect.org

Andrea Willard, Library, Children's Librarian     awillard@cheshirelibrary.org

Matthew Wium, Police Officer     mwium@cheshirect.org

Donn Youngquist, Deputy Fire Marshal     dyoungquist@cheshirect.org

Fatime Yusuf, Youth & Family Counselor     fyusuf@cheshirect.org

Kevin Zaksewicz, Police Officer     kzaksewicz@cheshirect.org

Lester Zimnoch, Police Officer       lzimnoch@cheshirect.org

Louis Zullo, Human Resources Director/Assistant Town Manager for Human Resources     lzullo@cheshirect.org


Last updated on Wednesday, March 03, 2021